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Ryan Recon 2014 Part 1: What I Learned from Losing a Pet

Can you imagine not knowing where your dog is for one minute? An hour? A whole day? For most of us, our pets are our family, our kids. Losing them would be devastating. Lynda, Rover-Time's Team Manager, lost her dog for 5 days, 98 hours, 5,880 minutes. She came out of this experience stronger and has 5 lessons to share with other pet parents.

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3 Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Counter-Surfing Habit

We invited Kiki Yablon, KPA CTP, back for another post on behavior and training. This month’s topic: the practice commonly known as “counter surfing,” or taking objects off tables and countertops.

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How To Be Ready For An Emergency With Your Pet

When really bad stuff happens, the same rules that apply to people apply to your cat and dog. Preparation makes a difference and if it's not safe for you it's not safe for them, be it a bad cut or a tornado striking down. Learn how to make a plan and assemble an emergency kit for yourself and that fur face of yours.

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Working From Home with a Pet

No more waking up unnaturally early. Less time spent in a car. Fewer interruptions. Less eating out. A flexible schedule. All perks to working from home. Downfall = having to ignore your best friend.

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