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4 Helpful Resources for Dogs With Storm Phobias

Life changes in a lot more positive ways than negative when you become a pet parent but for those of us that live with thunder phobic dogs, it’s easy to go from a lover of storms to absolute hate. It’s almost as we revolve around the weather report. So this week, Julia shares a few of her very favorite resources for pet parents with dogs that have storm phobias.

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Good Dog Or Bad Dog: Digging

Rover-Time's blog continues to look at common canine characteristics that are deeply ingrained in a dog’s DNA and may be challenging to change. Our resident expert, Lynda, received another reader email asking about their furry friend’s favorite pastime: digging. Learn five ways to live with this completely normal dog behavior.

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Good Dog Or Bad Dog: Chewing On Sticks

Chasing, fetching, and chewing are totally normal dog behaviors! Although some breeds will tend to be more orally-fixated, chewing is a way for our canine companions to exercise their jaws and keep their teeth and gums clean. But is chewing safe??? This week we're launching a new series on the blog called, "Good Dog or Bad Dog" featuring typical, non-aggressive dog behaviors that are difficult to correct because they're so normal to a pup. Let’s hear what our resident expert, Lynda, has to say about this common canine characteristic.

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3 Timesaving Tips To Take Before Meeting With A New Dog Trainer

Rover-Time pet parents more often hire professionals that work with ethical responsibility than ones that do not. They select trainers that “get” that all living things repeat behaviors that are rewarding and know the significant reasons for not using physical punishment or force with dogs. But if you ever wondered, “How should I get ready for them? How do I explain what’s going on with my dog?” this article will provide 3 simple, money-saving tips for that first meeting.

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