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Mark Barks on Ranking College Football’s Best Canine Mascots

With college football season well underway, we take a look at the NCAA teams (there are no NFL teams with dogs name for some reason) that will be drawing inspiration from dog-inspired mascots as they take the gridiron. Who’s hot? Who’s not? What’s a Hoya? Read on! 1.  Boston University Terriers- the rest of the NCAA should take …

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Mark Barks on Clicker Training

Click It, Click It, Yeah That’s the Ticket I’ve decided to use this installment of Mark’s Barks to advocate for something that is beginning to make our lives easier, and that I think might help other pet owners. It’s almost moronically simple: training! As a rescue animal, Chauncey arrived to our home with his fair share of emotional/mental baggage …

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Mark Barks on Fictional Dogs as Potential Pets

Mark’s scale, for your reference: 10 = Lassie, 1 = Cujo Pluto: The old Disney cartoons weren’t on TV that much when I was growing up, so you sort of had to piece together what the classic characters were all about. One of the perks of going to my grandma’s house (in addition to the seemingly unlimited supply …

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Mark Barks F-A-Chews

Some frequently asked questions that I get regarding Chauncey and Rover-Time Q. “What’s his name?”A. Chauncey. His full name is Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff.  Q. “Why did you name him that?” A. I already wrote about that.  Q. “How old is he?” A. It depends on which paperwork you believe. We have documents from the …

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