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4 Helpful Tips for Introducing Your Dog To Visitors

This weekend we hosted two pretty great friends of ours for dinner. We enjoyed a ton of good laughs and it was really fun spending time with them. One of things I appreciate about this couple is our phone conversations leading up to the dinner dates we set. “If I brought Chauncey a toy, he’d still probably hate …

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Do Pets Prepare You For Parenthood?

Being married makes you think about having kids. And all the people in your life that put you on the spot asking “when” also get you wondering about having them. So I’ll be honest, it’s been on our minds. But first I’m going to share a text conversation I had with another Rover-Time dog walker last week.

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Defining Dog Boredom From Separation Anxiety

Hello Rover-Timer! Spring is in the air! Finally the windows can be cracked and the smell of dog can be lessened. We’ve got some good weather on our hands, thank goodness! March was busy for us. The house welcomed 16 visitors, one of which stayed for a record breaking 26 nights! I hosted a fun little dog park …

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Come On In!

We had a dinner party last weekend because it was the first evening in 43 nights that we were not hosting someone else’s dog. When you run and advertise a service based out of your home, you work and sell that service from inside of it. This means nearly everyone that hires Rover-Time has at one point or another …

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