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Socialization: How To Understand It And What To Do For Your Dog

Ducky Imagine this with me. There’s a man named John and he’s married to Jane. They live far away from everyone and everything, taking a rare trip into town on occasion. They live without electricity so common things aren’t part of the house, and they haven’t welcomed a visitor for years. John and Jane …

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5 Causes Of Most Dog Problems

Julia’s uncovers more about why a dog’s basic needs – when out of whack – can be a cause of bad behavior. And for good measure, she’ll include some basic how-to’s on getting things back on track in this upcoming blog series. A handful of Rover-Timer’s politely sit and focus for Julia. I’m addicted to …

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5 Ways To Add Years To Your Dog’s Life

Have you ever wondered how to add years to your dog’s life? Here are some basic tips to keep your beloved buddy around for years to come. Hello there my Rover-Time, friend! Mark & I have a tiny patient in our midst. Being first-time dog owners, neither of us has ever experienced bringing in a pet for teeth …

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How To Add Enrichment Activities To Your Dog’s Life

Providing dogs with mental stimulation, as well as physical and social interactions are critical factors for maintaining their behavioral health. I have my annual “season’s changed” cold, so visions of sugarplums are truly dancing in this congested, heavily medicated, pet sitter’s head. When you’re under the weather and your desire to move from the couch is roughly the …

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