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5 Common Mix-Ups We Make With Dogs

Sarah Kalnajs' list of the common mix-ups we make that can lead to behavior problems with our dogs presented during a seminar Julia recently attended called, "The Five Faux Paws.”

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5 Tips for Living With Multiple Dogs (Temporarily or Permanently)

Julia shares her tricks of the trade for managing multiple dogs with her resident dog, Chauncey. In the next few weeks, as Thanksgivukkah and Christmas fall upon us, keep these tips in mind.

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How To Understand Different Training Methods

There are a ton of different methods which gives the illusion that there are countless ways to train a dog. Despite that impression, the fact is that training basic dog behavior falls into one or a combination of three categories: 1) Lure-Reward, 2) Compulsion-Praise, and 3) Marker-Training. I’m 6 days away from a loooong overdue vacation, meaning I’m …

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7 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy And Alive Longer

Learn the four reasons to care about your dog’s diet and three things to keep top of mind when shopping for your dog’s food.  I love food. Growing up it was a way to spend time with my mom & gram in the kitchen, and our meals together created funny and enjoyable memories that brought the family closer. When …

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