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What Really Happened in 2013?

Jumping onboard and sharing Rover-Time’s achievements and stats is tempting. But I got to thinking: what really happened in 2013? What’s Rover-Time capable of doing today that we did differently this time last year?

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Finding Focus and Simplicity

Julia with one of my most special boys, Jax. (Good luck on your upcoming surgery, Jax! I love you!) Before I jump into February’s blog post, I gotta tell you how much I loved last month. Rover-Time got LLC’d (Ahem, don’t hesitate to call us “Rover-Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, LLC folks)! Mark & I took a …

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2013: Another Chance To Get Things Right.

This entire week is special to me. All week long I am celebrating Rover-Time’s first anniversary and each day I have these wonderful calendar reminders popping up that are dates my very first clients entrusted me with their super-wonderful pets by becoming Rover-Time clientele. And from this point forward, I get to celebrate and remember other households that I …

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Launch and Learn. Everything is Progress.

Every year, over a million people in this country start a small business of some sort. Statistics tell us that by the end of the first year at least 40 percent of them will be out of business. As I sit to write my closeout post for Rover-Time’s first year, I’m full of gratitude for this …

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