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What I Learned in 2015 That Helped My Business

Rover-Time's founder, Julia Rohan, certainly experienced brilliant moments in 2015, but last year will be remembered as her most challenging year of business yet. Deciding to honor each difficult day for what was achieved by the end of it helped Julia to push Rover-Time forward, and she plans to take these lessons with her into their fifth year.

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5 Ways Running Rover-Time Prepared Me for Parenthood

This week, Julia discusses the parallels of running a pet services company and parenthood. Both are a pleasure and a privilege; teaching her to be efficient with time, hire the right people, to make thoughtful decisions, and to find patience.

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Chauncey & Baby: The Story Begins

Julia knows that being an entrepreneur means working through challenges. And running a business while pregnant comes with a unique set of challenges. Add in one over-confident, territorial, and anxious 8lb. Chihuahua-Terrier mix that thinks of himself as the center of the universe and you could have a mini-series of blog content.

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4 Reasons Public Speaking Is Important To Do

I work to personally connect with my audience through our blog and in our monthly newsletters but when given the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise out in person, I get super excited. I have a speaking engagement coming up in a few days actually. It will be the second time I present on the topic of visiting pets as it relates to multiple dog households and I’m relatively confident all will go as planned. To psych myself up for what will inevitably be challenging, I created this list of four reasons I should go for it.

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