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Good Dog or Bad Dog: Growling

We’re often asked about occasional growling, what it means, and how to react. It’s a pretty common canine behavior across all breeds, sizes, and ages but Melissa wrote in about her little gal named Molly, who grumbles at other dogs on walks. Today, Lynda replies to her questions about how to manage her social skills and if it’s a good or bad sign.

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A Personal Experience With Canine Anxiety: Lynda’s Story

Dogs, like humans and other mammals, can suffer from emotional issues. The cause is likely a combination of nature and nurture. This week Rover-Time's Team Manager shares her personal experience comforting and helping Surf, her own dog.

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Party of Three. Or Four. Or More. (In Bed)

It's a topic so divisive that it has been known to be a significant factor in choosing a spouse. Do you let your pet sleep in your bed with you? In some households, it's the norm. All pets are allowed everywhere, all the time. In others, it's no pets on any furniture, ever. Especially the bed. Julia shares some thoughts and good questions to consider.

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Beating The Heat When You Have Four Feet

Warm blogging welcomes to Rachel Papp, one of Rover-Time's pet pros. As we head out to the beer gardens, street fests, and drive into construction traffic, many of us will have our pups in tow. Here are a few of Rachel's favorite tips for keeping your dog safe in hot weather.

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