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One Tail At A Time is Moving On Up!

Anna Friedman, Shelter Director of One Tail At A Time, talks to Rover-Time about the huge impact the new adoption center will have on rescue efforts.

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Building a New Adoption Center, One Gift at a Time

One Tail at a Time is a foster-based rescue group that has been saving dogs since 2008. This year, the Chicago-based group is taking dog rescue to the next level by opening an adoption center. The brick-and-mortar location will allow for more animals to be rescued from Chicago Animal Care and Control, reducing the number of dogs euthanized. Heather Owen, Executive Director of OTAT, talks to Rover-Time about the fundraising process and her gratitude for the generous contributions made so far. And there is still time for you to help out!

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6 Common Issues with Puppy Mill Survivors

As the public becomes more aware of puppy mills – large-scale breeding operations with conditions at or below the minimum considered “humane” – more survivors become available for adoption. Once rescued and adopted out, these dogs can make great, loving family members. However, there are specific issues common for these pups that a potential adopter should be prepared to handle.

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Fostering Dogs: Life Continues When Someone Cares About You

Recently two Rover-Time families took in their first foster dog. Both "failed" in the best possible way and became the adopters, because they fell in love, and we're thrilled for them. It's a happy ending, and it's fun to hear the story behind the motivation. So I catted with Caitlin Gath, mom to Chicklet and Millie, and Sara Frabotta, mom to Mouse and Javier, who spoke about why they decided to ghost. And Anna Friedman, One Tail at a Time's Adoption Counselor, jumped in. She shared more on the benefits and what to expect as a foster parent.

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