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12 Days of Chauncey: Super Mega Space Heater

Today marks Day 1 of CBV’s 12 Days of Chauncey countdown. Thank you so much for following along on this crazy ride he’s taken us on. We’re actually surprised his holiday wishlist wasn’t completely comprised of this single item.

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Mark Barks: 12 Days of Chauncey

The other day I sat down at my home computer and found the following poorly-spelled list up on the screen. Apparently our dog has learned to type (and use hyperlinks!), and he has some holiday requests. Behold! I give you: Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff's 2013 Christmas List - The Twelve Days of Chauncey! (With a brief explanation of each item from me.)

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Does Having a Kid Make You Love Your Dog Less?

Does having a kid make you love your dog less? The short answer: no.

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5 Ways Running Rover-Time Prepared Me for Parenthood

This week, Julia discusses the parallels of running a pet services company and parenthood. Both are a pleasure and a privilege; teaching her to be efficient with time, hire the right people, to make thoughtful decisions, and to find patience.

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