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Rover-Time loves, adores, worships Ruff Haus Pets. This Lincoln Square staple, is our local pet supply shop and its where we buy everything for Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff. And if you’ve ever used Rover-Time for boarding, I guarentee I spoiled your dog with treats from this great store. We love it and I greatly appreciate Ruff Haus’ owner, Rich Forsythe for taking the time with me!

Q. Tell the story of how and when Ruff Haus came to be.
A. I started Ruff Haus Pets in 2001. I had been researching natural pet food for my dog Stella who suffered from allergies and a weakened immune system. At the time there were not a lot of options for purchasing natural pet products in Chicago. I had just left a job in another industry and decided to switch gears and open Ruff Haus Pets. It paired my passion for animals and the knowledge I gained researching Stella’s situation with a core belief in the importance of independently owned local businesses.

Q. I’ve had some great experiences with your staff. How do you find such good people to represent Ruff Haus?
A. Product knowledge is very important at Ruff Haus. As is the ability to communicate with customers about their pet’s individual needs. I look to hire people who posses a real passion for animals and are in step with our approach that emphasizes a natural diet and active lifestyle for our animal companions.

Q. Explain the ways Ruff Haus services customers.
A. We try to educate without getting preachy. We extensively research all foods and products to make sure they meet our high standards. We aim to provide choices for the customer to help achieve their pet goals. 

Q. What rescues does Ruff Haus partner with and how? 
A. We work with several local rescues. Ruff Haus and rescues have been involved since the beginning. I served on the original board that founded New Leash On Life in Chicago. We hosted One Tail At A Time’s first adoption event. We also work with Felin’es Inc. and Friends Of Animal Care And Control. Some of our upcoming events are: ,

  • 10/13–12-2: Felines Inc adoption
  • 10/22–12-3: Cat adoption with Friends of ACC
  • 10/27–Halloween with NLOL
  • 11/10–12-3: Dog adoption with One Tail 

Q. What is the best advice you have for folks welcoming their first pet in to the home?
A. Be prepared, be patient and be a consistent, fair and loving alpha

Q. Can you highlight some of you best selling food, treats, and toys for dogs? 
A. Our top selling dry foods are Orijen and Fromm. We are very committed to raw and have carried raw diets for 10years. Our best sellers are Stella & Chewys and Fresh Is Best. We of course have many more options to choose from. We have so many treats and toys it’s hard to mention. We look for the same high qualities and natural ingredients in the treats we carry that we do for food. For toys we look for products with purpose, unique design and quality construction. If something is local or handmade it gets an extra Ruff Star! Something we are really excited about now is the line of products from Cycledog!

You can connect with Ruff Haus on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for their great newsletter by way of their website!



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