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I’m a lucky guy. As Julia’s husband and a permanent, human tenant of Rover-Time Boarding & Pet Services’ space on Leland Avenue, I get to hang out with a steady stream of awesome animals, and with Julia putting so much time and effort into launching her business, her furry clients have become more and more a part of our life. We look after the dogs like they are our own and take our responsibilities in caring for them very seriously, but there are certainly plenty of perks. It’s pretty great when your spouse’s job requires that you are, say, greeted at the door by a chihuahua after a long day at the office.

While I do pitch in with walks and feedings, Julia certainly does most of the heavy lifting for Rover-Time. Which means I am freed up to enjoy the best parts of dog companionship- namely throwing tennis balls, doing a lot of petting, and watching TV while sharing the couch with one or more canine companions (which somehow makes every show you watch seem way better). My tasks certainly don’t feel like “work,” but at the same time they are important parts in making our guests feel at home and making sure they are given ample exercise and attention. Which begs the questions- what is my role at Rover-Time? Julia and I have discussed this at length, and came to the conclusion that it is probably best that I at least have an honorary title to clarify my duties. But what should it be? It would be almost impossible to sum up everything I do in one succinct title, so we just focused on my main area of expertise. Hopefully this clarifies things, both within the company and for our clients.

So until next time, this is:

Mark D. Vanderhoff
Vice President of Belly Scratches
Rover-Time Boarding and Pet Services




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