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Hello. My name is Lila and Julia likes to call me her baby Ewok. I’m very soft and fluffy, I’m single but flirting, and I’m a picky eater. Julia & I have an interesting roommate-like relationship. Currently, I live with Julia and Mark two nights a week, sometimes longer, every week when my Mom travels for work. Julia asked that I help out as a guest contributor this month. Since I’m not of much help with the chores around the house, I thought this was the least I could do.

As the title of this post suggests, I moved from Michigan recently and have been in the process of replacing everyone… my walker, groomer, pet sitter, etc. There’s no small shortage of options for places to stay overnight here in Chicago.

Julia’s business stood out or differed, I guess, from all the other kennels, in-home boarding facilities, or member networks in the following ways:

1. My mom doesn’t have to deal with emailing around to find a safe place for me. She doesn’t have to vow to watch other people’s dogs in exchange for my care.
2. Julia is insured with a special coverage that’s just for pet sitters.
3. She’s trained in First Aid for dogs, so if I ever got hurt, she’d know what to do. Even other dog owners that could care for me aren’t necessarily good at handling a pet emergency.
4. She has really good reviews from other pet parents on Yelp.
5. Her place is comfy and Julia goes out of her way to keep my routine.
6. My mom doesn’t have to worry that there are other dogs here that will pick on me.
7. On warm, sunny days Julia lets me lay in the sun for however long I want. Her backyard is a wonderful place to me.

Julia picked me up on Monday this week and I guess my Mom and she arranged for a longer stay cause it’s Friday and I’m still here. Here’s the thing guys: I’m completely happy. I’m not stressed out, my stomach isn’t in knots, and I have all the comforts of home so I’m completely indifferent to not being in my own home. And I love Mark, her husband. He picks me up all the time and carries me around. He clearly adores me.

So I feel really lucky. I really appreciate my Mom for working hard to find Julia. Thanks Mom.



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