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I met Claudia & Sam years ago and quickly became a huge part of their lives. They were more than important to me because they gave me a home and loving family.  When I found out my Mom and Dad decided to marry, I patiently waited to be asked to be part of their ceremony. If everyone they loved would be there then how could I not be? I was so incredibly excited when they invited me to stand up as a groomsdog. I couldn’t wait to witness the big day.

Having dogs at weddings is not exactly a new thing; you need only look at some old paintings to see that dogs showed up in more than one ceremony. Still, just because it’s been done before, doesn’t mean that it’s been perfected. So here are some questions to ask yourself before putting your dog in a wedding:

  1. Does your venue allow dogs?
    Claudia & Sam hosted our family and friends at The Chicago History Museum. I wasn’t allowed inside for the reception, which was okay since I’m not a big dancer. The ceremony was outside in the back of the museum which made it okay for me to be there
  2. Will your dog be comfortable?
    I’m not scared by large crowds or people I don’t know. Think about what’s best for your dog.
  3. How are your guests going to feel about your dog being there?
    People can be afraid of dogs or allergic. You might not mind your dog jumping or begging, but others might. And a dog whining or barking about being restricted during a ceremony or reception could put your guests on edge.
  4. Do you have someone to watch your dog?
    Julia was hired to care for me during the entire weekend. She handled me before and after the ceremony and made sure I had plenty to eat and drink fore and after. She was dedicated to my safety and made sure I behaved. Think about who you could ask to do this for you.

On the wedding day, a best friend of my Dad’s walked me down the aisle, and there I remained quietly throughout the vows. I wasn’t there because it was cute to be there. I was there because I belonged nearby. It would have felt incomplete without me. But yes, there were plenty of good photo opportunities to be had.

Mazel tov Mom & Dad!!! May our lives be full of joy together! I love you both!



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