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Mark Barks on Fictional Dogs as Potential Pets

Mark’s scale, for your reference: 10 = Lassie, 1 = Cujo Pluto: The old Disney cartoons weren’t on TV that much when I was growing up, so you sort of had to piece together what the classic characters were all about. One of the perks of going to my grandma’s house (in addition to the seemingly unlimited supply …

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Currently the Size of a Well-Grown Sweet Potato

Hello! Hi! Hey there! Hi, hi, hi! Let me start by telling you that I’m just a baby so I’m full of energy and run-on sentences and sweetness.  My name is Rosey and I am a Cavapoo, which is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. Things I like about myself: my long ears …

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August’s Obsession

Rover-Time loves Beloved Canine Massage & Bodywork. As a lover of touch and a believer in the healing qualities of massage, canine bodywork never seemed odd to me as it does to a few others. Most folks are becoming more accustomed and open to animal massage as an excellent preventative and rehabilitative tool for their pets’ …

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Mark Barks F-A-Chews

Some frequently asked questions that I get regarding Chauncey and Rover-Time Q. “What’s his name?”A. Chauncey. His full name is Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff.  Q. “Why did you name him that?” A. I already wrote about that.  Q. “How old is he?” A. It depends on which paperwork you believe. We have documents from the …

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