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February’s Delight

Julia is always reminding herself to keep her obsessive love of dogs in check. To not be too crazy. For example, “Don’t eat that dog treat.” ARRFSCARF makes locally sourced dog treats and they look amazing. Read on to learn more about the company and its owner!     Q. What was the motivation behind opening Arrfscarf? Or …

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2013: Another Chance To Get Things Right.

This entire week is special to me. All week long I am celebrating Rover-Time’s first anniversary and each day I have these wonderful calendar reminders popping up that are dates my very first clients entrusted me with their super-wonderful pets by becoming Rover-Time clientele. And from this point forward, I get to celebrate and remember other households that I …

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Top 12 Rover-Time Facebook Photos

By: Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff, Guest Contributor It’s impossible to include all my favorite Facebook photos of 2012 in one blog post, but these twelve offer  my “Best Of” for each month we’ve been around. Enjoy! January February March April May June July August September …

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January’s Delight

Recently one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods welcomed a brand new small business to its bustling main stretch of wonderful shops and boutiques. Jameson Loves Danger was on my radar months before it opened its doors and as soon as it did, I met its fantastic owners J Horne and Gracie Whalen and was sold. Andersonville has lucked out.

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