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Eddie the Groomsdog

I met Claudia & Sam years ago and quickly became a huge part of their lives. They were more than important to me because they gave me a home and loving family.  When I found out my Mom and Dad decided to marry, I patiently waited to be asked to be part of their ceremony. If everyone they …

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July’s Obsession

Rover-Time loves The Big Hearts Fund. Its mission is to raise funds and awareness for dogs and cats with heart disease, envisioning a world where diagnosed pets receive the care they need in order to live comfortable and peaceful lives. The Big Hearts Fund, or BHF, began in June 2010 after the founder Christy Drackett’s yellow …

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Connecting to Community

There was something I wrote in last month’s newsletter that had me thinking more about community and connection in these last few weeks. Like many Type-A personalities, I am a person dedicated to uncovering meaning, both professionally and personally. So when I started to uncover what “purposefully growing community around me” really meant, I realized how much …

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Mark Barks On Nicknames

Top nicknames for Chauncey (By Category): Name-basedCBVChauncers Pop CultureThe LoraxFraggleThe Great Gatsby* DescriptiveMeerkatSenor Toothpicks**MosquitoStinkyStinkerThe Sphinx***Gargoyle****Mr. PlayfulWeirdoJingle Jangles***** NonsenseSquigglesScrapRumpledogskin Julia-OnlyBoo-BooLittle BooSweet Pickle  FamilialOur Boy *Chauncey likes to sit at the end of the long sidewalk that …

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