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Simple and Effective Acupressure for Anxious Dogs

Rover-Time is excited to introduce Susan Tenney from Elemental Acupuncture. Susan is based in Seattle, Washington. Her love of animals comes through in everything she does, including her writing. We are so appreciative of the time she took to explain more on canine acupressure.

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Our New Friends: Felines & Canines

This month we’re excited to feature Chicago-based Felines & Canines. Their passion for animal advocacy and rescue has made a huge impression on Rover-Timers and we’re thrilled to share this Q&A with Felines and Canine’s Executive Director, Abby Smith.

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Sponsored Post: “Doggies and Denim” fundraiser to benefit Safe Humane Chicago

“Doggies and Denim” is a runway show featuring Bloomingdales’ latest denim trends that will benefit Safe Humane Chicago. The event will take place from 6 to 8 pm on Thursday, March 20th at Bloomingdales on Michigan Avenue.

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One Man’s Trash is a Shelter Animal’s Treasure

Katy sat down with Andrea Juracek, a Rover-Time walker with a goal: to form an Enrichment Team at CACC. Learn more and find out how you can help.

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