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Back to School: 5 Reasons To Keep Training With Your Dog Past Puppyhood

Back to school season has us thinking about dog training. Go figure. Here are Lynda's top five reasons to head back to the classroom with your pooch.

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A Personal Experience With Canine Anxiety: Lynda’s Story

Dogs, like humans and other mammals, can suffer from emotional issues. The cause is likely a combination of nature and nurture. This week Rover-Time's Team Manager shares her personal experience comforting and helping Surf, her own dog.

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Being Consistently Inconsistent in a Multi-Dog Household

Pets like to be on furniture for one simple reason: it’s comfortable. It’s the same reason we want to be there! For some dogs, the added bonus is affection from their beloved human, which sweetens the deal. So should you let your dogs on your furniture?

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Six DIY Food Puzzles with Stuff around the House

For a happy and healthy dog, they need daily enrichment and activity. That doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank at the pet store. Lynda discloses some of her favorite do-it-yourself food puzzles that will help keep your pup mentally and physically active.

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