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The Difference Between Good and Great Pet Care

There’s something to be said about obsessiveness when you’re a pet care provider. When I started to work for Rover-Time, I could tell they were obsessed. It made me appreciate the small details that go into differentiating yourself from other pet care businesses. So, as all good bloggers do, I made a list. These are my “Top 7 Ways You Know Your Dog Is in the BEST Hands.”

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Eight Humans, Three Dogs, and a Baby

This will be my first Christmas staying in Chicago and not traveling back to Ohio. This year, my family is coming to me. It’s very exciting, but also stressful planning for a full house of humans and “kids”. Here's my plan for surviving the holidays.

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Squash Gets a Visit from St. Nick

"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" is one the most classic holiday tales that makes even the most bah-humbug person want to believe in Santa. To get us all in the holiday spirit, this week Katy parodies the epic poem with a modern twist. And in this version, her young pup, Squash, is the star. Find out if The Squasharino makes it to the naughty or nice list this year.

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Overnight Pet Sitters: Scary Snoopers or Awesome Alternative?

Housesitting offers a safer alternative to kennel boarding for parents looking to provide better one-on-one care for their pets while away from home. We'll address all the questions you should ask before hiring a pet sitter!

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