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Good Dog Or Bad Dog: Chewing On Sticks

Chasing, fetching, and chewing are totally normal dog behaviors! Although some breeds will tend to be more orally-fixated, chewing is a way for our canine companions to exercise their jaws and keep their teeth and gums clean. But is chewing safe??? This week we're launching a new series on the blog called, "Good Dog or Bad Dog" featuring typical, non-aggressive dog behaviors that are difficult to correct because they're so normal to a pup. Let’s hear what our resident expert, Lynda, has to say about this common canine characteristic.

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Get Digital: Our Most Favorite Animal-Loving Social Media Sharers

There are lots of people out there creating original, funny, and interesting content about dogs, cats, and other four-leggedies. Pics, Tweets, Posts, OH MY! Now that Katy has had some time to find her favorite online sharers, she thought it’d be fun to pass them along to y’all.

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Working From Home with a Pet

No more waking up unnaturally early. Less time spent in a car. Fewer interruptions. Less eating out. A flexible schedule. All perks to working from home. Downfall = having to ignore your best friend.

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Love Is Blind: Can Your Pet Be Spoiled and Well-Behaved?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. A day to appreciate the people (and animals) we love dearly. With this day-of-love approaching, Katy took some time to reflect on how much she loves her dog…and it made her think, "Can you love your dog too much?"

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