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What Am I Reinforcing?

In her last post, Kiki wrote about how dogs communicate with us. This month, she delves into how we communicate with our dogs.

Given she's made a career out of training dogs, she dedicates a little time each day formally training her own pup, Pigeon. In this post she shares three key ways to communicate clearly with your dog when working on new behaviors or improving existing ones.

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Eight Humans, Three Dogs, and a Baby

This will be my first Christmas staying in Chicago and not traveling back to Ohio. This year, my family is coming to me. It’s very exciting, but also stressful planning for a full house of humans and “kids”. Here's my plan for surviving the holidays.

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Awkward Rituals: Holiday Tipping

There are a few rituals more awkward than end-of-year tipping. And having received about ten or twelve emails from our kind clients questioning the best way to compensate their beloved dog walker, I’m breaking out the blog to assist.

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Boning Up on Canine Communication

Just as we use intonation, body language, and facial expressions when gauging a social interaction with humans, we can gain insight into our dogs’ state of mind by watching and listening to them carefully.

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