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How To Reduce Your Dog’s Barking At The Door

Why do dogs bark at the doorbell? In a word: Anticipation. To understand the enormous role anticipation plays in dog training, and life in general, you can start by scrolling back to the very beginning of modern behavior science.

This month Kiki Yablon, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, tackles how to work with a dog who barks when the doorbell rings.

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A Personal Experience With Canine Anxiety: Lynda’s Story

Dogs, like humans and other mammals, can suffer from emotional issues. The cause is likely a combination of nature and nurture. This week Rover-Time's Team Manager shares her personal experience comforting and helping Surf, her own dog.

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Dog Tricks For The Busy Pet Parent (and not so busy)

It's pure joy to see your pet learn something new and teaching tricks is one of the most rewarding ways to interact with your pup. However, many pet parents don't have the time to keep up with training. As an on-the-go pet parent herself, Katy shares some ideas for fun tricks that build on typical dog behaviors and range from beginner to advanced.

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Party of Three. Or Four. Or More. (In Bed)

It's a topic so divisive that it has been known to be a significant factor in choosing a spouse. Do you let your pet sleep in your bed with you? In some households, it's the norm. All pets are allowed everywhere, all the time. In others, it's no pets on any furniture, ever. Especially the bed. Julia shares some thoughts and good questions to consider.

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Being Consistently Inconsistent in a Multi-Dog Household

Pets like to be on furniture for one simple reason: it’s comfortable. It’s the same reason we want to be there! For some dogs, the added bonus is affection from their beloved human, which sweetens the deal. So should you let your dogs on your furniture?

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Six DIY Food Puzzles with Stuff around the House

For a happy and healthy dog, they need daily enrichment and activity. That doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank at the pet store. Lynda discloses some of her favorite do-it-yourself food puzzles that will help keep your pup mentally and physically active.

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Look Who’s Talking: The Things Dogs & Babies Would Bond Over

Despite the dangers of close encounters of the baby-dog kind, Katy loves to observe the uncanny similarities between the two “species”. In her opinion, they have so much in common. So she continues our blog's dog-baby relationship theme this month with her own perspective on reasons why dogs and babies would theoretically make good friends - if they could talk.

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Dog and Baby Snapshot Safety: Why Cute Doesn’t Always Mean Safe

As pet owners, we redirect unwanted behavior from our dogs, whether it be jumping up, digging, or barking. But dogs are expected to tolerate our behavior and that of our children, without any negative reaction. Julia discusses the risks of promoting inappropriate baby/dog interactions and provides six pointers for safely photographing children with their pets.

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Fostering Dogs: Life Continues When Someone Cares About You

Recently two Rover-Time families took in their first foster dog. Both "failed" in the best possible way and became the adopters, because they fell in love, and we're thrilled for them. It's a happy ending, and it's fun to hear the story behind the motivation. So I catted with Caitlin Gath, mom to Chicklet and Millie, and Sara Frabotta, mom to Mouse and Javier, who spoke about why they decided to ghost. And Anna Friedman, One Tail at a Time's Adoption Counselor, jumped in. She shared more on the benefits and what to expect as a foster parent.

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How to Introduce a Baby to a Household With a Dog

This month, Kiki Yablon, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, shares how to prepare a home before a baby arrives and how to build a healthy relationship after. Without question, it takes time and effort to prepare a dog for a baby, but it is time and energy well spent. Planning ahead and erring on the side of caution can help everyone live a long and happy life together. Here are some more specific tips for pre-baby prep and beyond.

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