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Making Your Backyard Dog-Friendly

A backyard can be a fun and safe haven for your dog. After making sure that the area is secure and dog-friendly, there's plenty of fun features you can add that your dog will enjoy.

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5 Ways Running Rover-Time Prepared Me for Parenthood

This week, Julia discusses the parallels of running a pet services company and parenthood. Both are a pleasure and a privilege; teaching her to be efficient with time, hire the right people, to make thoughtful decisions, and to find patience.

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Staying Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Because dogs have a higher body temperature than humans and less efficient means for cooling off, what feels like a normal summer day to you may be unbearably blazing hot to your furry pal. Heat exhaustion can come on quickly, so know what signs to look for on hot days.

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6 New Activities to Try With Your Dog

Need a little variation in your typical dog park routine? Summer is great time for trying new things, and who better to tag along than your dog! From the simple to the out-there, here are 6 new activities you can try out with your pup during these upcoming warm summer days.

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Feral Cat Colonies: Part Two

In Part One, Nick shared the story of he found two feral cats, Mama and Tommie, and was able to trap them to have them spayed. After being released, Mama and Tommie continued to return to the house for meals. Nick didn't yet realize what surprises the cats had in store for him.

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Feral Cat Colonies: Part One

It is tough to imagine being an outdoor cat enduring the Chicago winters, but there are an estimated 500,000 feral cats living in Chicago, and 60 million nationwide. It wasn’t something to which I gave much thought, until one afternoon in the fall of 2011. In our back yard, from under some evergreen bushes, four fluffy kittens were starting to venture out and explore. This was just the beginning.

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Identifying & Treating Allergies in Dogs

Spring is now in full bloom, which is great news for dog walkers; it’s easily the best time of year to spend all day outside walking with pups! But for many of us, the flourishing flowers and leafy trees bring along an unwelcome buddy--seasonal allergies. And just like humans, dogs can be affected as well.

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7 Helpful Tips for Taking Your Dog Camping

Bringing your pet along on a camping trip can make for a dog’s dream come true: fresh air, wide open spaces, all kinds of new smells, and plenty of quality time with Mom and Dad doing fun new things. Before you leave home, a little preparation can go a long way in ensuring that everyone has a fun and safe time

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What Do Dogs Think About Canine Flu? One of Our Walkers Investigates

This week, one of our dog walkers, Marco, addresses the current canine flu outbreak that has hit the Midwest this spring. To get an idea of what dogs think, he goes straight to the source.

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Can You Clicker Train Without a Clicker?

Clicker training is an effective and dog-friendly application of behavior science used in training animals. It often involves a little plastic noisemaker that’s used to identify the behaviors for which your dog will be rewarded. But what if your dog is afraid of that noise, or can’t hear it at all? Can you still use this method?

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