Bam! I’m a Catahoula Leopard Dog!

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Hey y’all! My name is Marble and I am a Catahoula Leopard dog. Julia is busy learning more about all her dogs so she asked me to share a bit about myself with this month’s newsletter. 

So I was looking at my family tree and found out most of us came from the South. We’re named after the Catahoula Parish of Louisiana where my kind originated. My extended family liked to hunt; I even heard my great grandfather could climb trees in pursuit of his prey! We’re thought to be one of the oldest surviving breeds in North America, which is pretty neat. 

I think I look unique from other dogs and I like that. My fur is black, tan, grey, and white. And my eyes are light amber. I have a white paw too. I used to be very demanding of attention but now I am more relaxed since my parents adopted my sister Mango. I really like to chew bones and smell everything. I like to smell humans, I can tell a lot about them when I do that. I must have a walk every night, if I don’t think I am going to get one I start to howl at my parents so they know I am waiting to go on one. I tilt my head a lot when humans talk to me or if I hear something I have never heard before. I am adorable.

Julia & I spend every weekday afternoon together. She asked me a few questions and I provided her with some answers.

Julia Rohan: Marble, do you like cows and wild hogs?
Marble French: I am a city dog so I haven’t been exposed to any of those creatures but I am thinking that I would be curious about them. I stalk my sister any chance I get so I probably would want to do that to them.

JR: Do you have a favorite terrain?
MF: Yes, I love going up north to the dog parks. They have forests and fields I can run around and smell. My Mom and Dad have a hard time finding me when I go into the woods to explore, they say I am camouflaged in the forest. When I hear my name I come running to find them. I love to hide and stalk my sister when we are there. I also love to jump around in the ponds they have, the muddier the better.

It is too bad that my Mom has figured out how dirty I actually get since my white-coated Sister has been around. I have to get a full bath every time we get home.

JR: What’s your favorite interactive, treat release toy?
MF: The other day my Mom came home with this big red weird shaped thing. She calls it the Kong Wobbler. I like it because I can push it all around and treats come out of it! I have even figured out how to get it to unscrew so I can get to the crumbs. Mom says I shouldn’t do that because I am going to make the toy not work for me anymore.

JR: Did you know there was a Facebook page dedicated to fans of your breed? As of today it has 2,161 fans.
MF: No, I did not know that there was a fanpage on Facebook. A lot of people that I meet don’t know much about it; it makes me feel special that so many people like my breed. I will make sure to tell my Mom about that.



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