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3 Ways To Manage Your Dog’s Counter-Surfing Habit

We invited Kiki Yablon, KPA CTP, back for another post on behavior and training. This month’s topic: the practice commonly known as “counter surfing,” or taking objects off tables and countertops.

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What Am I Reinforcing?

In her last post, Kiki wrote about how dogs communicate with us. This month, she delves into how we communicate with our dogs.

Given she's made a career out of training dogs, she dedicates a little time each day formally training her own pup, Pigeon. In this post she shares three key ways to communicate clearly with your dog when working on new behaviors or improving existing ones.

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Introducing Our New Board And Learn Service

As a “dog trainer,” most of what I actually do is teach people how to teach their own dogs. There’s a good reason for that: dogs aren’t cars, to be fixed by a doggie mechanic. Behavior is an ever-changing response to feedback from the environment – and you’re a huge part of your dog’s environment.

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