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I’m very excited to be writing my first blog for Rover-Time! Let me introduce myself. My name is Katy and I will be helping Julia publish fun and interesting pet-related news, tips and anecdotes from a pet owner’s perspective.

A little bit about me…I have worked in advertising and marketing for almost 7 years. About a year ago, I launched a business with my two sisters called Amelia Street Studio, specializing in video and design (I have very talented sisters). As my sisters and I ramp up our own business, I’ll be assisting Julia with her marketing efforts as well.

11 moNow, may I introduce Squash, my lab/border collie doggie (aka Borador) and the love of my life. As any pet owner can attest to, it’s so easy to love these creatures unconditionally, but they aren’t perfect. Squash makes me laugh constantly and she amazes me every day. However, she’s got her quirks and issues, too.

My goal with future posts is to use my experiences as a dog owner to address common challenges when raising a pet as well as share some silly stories along the way that I hope you can relate to. I’ll also bring in some expert help for great tips and tricks we can all use.

For this post, I want to share a little bit more about Squash-a-roo, who happens to have a special connection to Halloween.

My husband, Jeff, and I got Squash a little over a year ago in early October from Chicago Canine Rescue (amazing organization!). We were planning on getting a 2-3 year old dog, but when we saw this litter of 6 black pups, we couldn’t resist. The li’l fur balls were about 4 months old when they arrived from Oklahoma. Even though they were born in July, the volunteer who named the group decided to go with a more seasonal theme.

There was Ghost, Goblin, Pumpkin, Candy Corn, Boo, and Squash. We fell in love with Squash instantly. She had a little stripe of white on her chest and paw. She was energetic but also cuddly. Ultimately, her name sealed the deal.

I wish I could say I named her because everyone laughs when they hear it. It’s funny how a dog truly becomes their name. She acts like a Squash, jumps like a Squash, kisses like a Squash, prances like a Squash. I couldn’t imagine her with any other name.

(I know that Ghost and Goblin’s parents decided to change their names. Would you?)

I hope you all will fall in love with Squashinator as much as I have. Happy Halloween all you ghosts and goblins!

4 mo_1st Day Home


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Squash is a great name for a dog, and so is Goblin! Julia just compared a dog to a goblin today and it made me laugh quite a bit. What a missed opportunity by The Dog Formerly Known as Goblin's owners...


I'll start! Mark named Chauncey after Chauncey Billups, former (now present) Detroit Pistons player. "Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff" is my favorite thing to say out loud multiple times in a day.


Ginger came to Lovin' Life rescue (where we adopted her) as "Suzie," and since they had already changed her name once, we didn't want to change it again (and we thought Ginger suited her anyway). Though sometimes I ask her if she is snoozy, and the way she cocks her head and looks at me makes me wonder if it reminds her of her old name. Ha ha!


We got our sweet girl, Pulaski, almost six years ago. We had just moved out of Chicago to Norfolk, VA. We found her at a rescue facility, severely malnourished and scared to death. She was 6 months old and 15 pounds when we got her, but probably should have been about 25 at that point. They had named her "Dorothy", which seemed wrong for the sad little puppy. She was really freaked out by us, my husband especially, but we loved her anyway, and brought her home. We knew all along we wanted to give her a Chicago-themed name and spent a ton of time listing out highways and politicians and sports stars and street names. At some point, we hit on Pulaski and it just seemed to suit her perfectly. She's a scruffy, bearded terrier mix with a red bandana and we love her to death.

crissi zito

Heres how I came up w/Lila: when I went to get Lila from the breeder she had brothers/sisters...the breeder gave each a dog a celebrity personality...one brother was compared to Burl Ives, and one to Tom Cruise...Lila however was compared to Audrey Hepburn. I went home and googled (my fav verb) all the character names Audrey Hepburn had ever played and hated them all...so I researched her personality. Which led me to find the character Lila Quatermaine from General Hospital (a show I have watched for over 35 years...yes I started when I was 5)...so she is Lila "star" Zito.. Star actually came from her papa...that was his nickname :)-this is all contrary to the belief that Lila "star" Zito is her stripper stage name, but I guess if thats where her career path takes her she will be just fine!


We adopted Munches from PAWS when he was about 6 months old. At the time, PAWS, like immigration, had given him a new name - when we first met him, his name was Manchas, which according to my Spanish speaking husband means something like "marked" or "stained." Fitting as he does appear to constantly be in costume as the Hamburglar. We fell in love with it, but still felt like it wasn't quite right for his personality (he was instantly both playful and timid, with a bit of mischief thrown in for good measure). We decided while driving him home that night that Munches would work well for him. Even tho some people mispronounce it as Munchies (the horror), we know we made the right choice. He is a Munches through and through. One of a kind and more than just a little bit weird. Like the rest of his family.

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