11 Thoughts All Dog Parents Have

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Surf and his bed1. “This is why we can’t have nice things!”
Right now you’re thinking about your couch, shoes, kid’s toys, etc. You really are, aren’t you?

2. “My food. My food. MY food. MY FOOD… Okay, fine, here’s a piece.”
You think it’s the last time, but you’ll do it tomorrow at dinner too…

3. “I’ve talked to the dog more than any human today.”
You also answer yourself in the voice you made up for your dog, don’t you?

4. “What did you just eat? I’m going to have to deal with that later, I’m sure…”
Gross, but true.

Bong Goo's new toy5. “Ooh, my dog will love this $20 stuffed toy! Maybe it’ll last more than 60 seconds… nope.”
Never again… until you see another cute toy.

6. “Your feet smell like Fritos. Why do I kind of like it?”
Don’t lie – you know you love it!

7. “Early. Sooooooo early…”
A dog’s bladder is the most effective alarm clock. But those kisses make it all worthwhile!

8. “Do I have any photos that aren’t of my dog?”
Seriously. Look at your iPhone right now.

9. “Oops! I dropped a chip… Come here, buddy!”
Who needs a Roomba? Your dog probably knows who’s the messiest person in the house, and follows them around constantly.

Riley playing ball10. “OMG you’re doing something SO cute! Let me just grab the camera… aaaaaand the moment’s over.”
So many blurry photos to delete.

11. “I love you SO much!”
There are times when we’re so in love with our dogs, our hearts could just burst. No matter how much they put us through, we only end up loving them more. They’re part of the family and we even love how weird they make us.

What thoughts do you only have because of your dog?



Lynda manages our dog walking team at Rover-Time. Her career focus is on dog training and behavior and her approach is based on science, positive reinforcement, and humane methods to improve relationships between humans and their pets. She’s also a senior trainer at Animal Sense in the evenings and co-parents her own dogs, Surf and Ryan, with her other half Mary.


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