Dog Walking

Flexible dog walking plans to get your dog out and about while you’re at work.

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Dogs aren’t that different from us– they love socializing, sightseeing and running around in fresh cut grass! Staying inside for too long, even when surrounded by other pets, causes them to bottle up loads of unused energy. It’s that excess energy that can cause them to chew-up pillows, hound their owners and visitors, bark a lot, have indoor accidents, and even become depressed.

We strive to keep both you and your pup as happy and comfortable as possible while you’re out earning those big bucks. We don’t believe in pack walks but instead offer private, individual walks to maximize the exercise, fresh air and dog-to-walker bonding each day.

We’ll partner with you to create a custom dog-walking plan centered on positive reinforcement training. And we’ll do it all in a regular midday 25-minute visit so you get the best dog walking you can find in Chicago.


À La Carte


Individual Walks
  • Schedule when needed
  • Subject to availability
  • +$5 additional dog

Happy Hound


Package of 20 walks
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 24-Hour cancellation policy
  • +$100 for multiple dogs
  • Money back guarantee

Frequent Frolickers


Package of 30 walks
  • Priority scheduling
  • No cancellation fee
  • No upcharge for multiple dogs
  • Money back guarantee

Puppy & Senior


  • A 15-minute visit
  • For puppies six months or younger
  • Or seniors seven years or older

Off-Hour Walks


Morning, evening, & weekend
  • Subject to availability
  • Not included in the Happy Hound or Frequently Frolicker walk package
  • +$5 additional dog

Holiday Dog Walk



The Frequent Frolicker package can be applied to single dog households for $480.
Walk packages are prepaid in full and setup “punchcard style” for you to use as needed.
Same day walks requested after 9 a.m. are subject to a $10 surcharge.
Ask about our senior and puppy package discount.

Tail Wags & Happy Parents

The attention to detail and care throughout the interactions I have with the company are evident - from the expectations that are set for dog walkers to information sent out in a timely matter regarding payment to the care and comfort provided to my dog daily. Thank you Rover-Time!

— Elizabeth J., Delilah’s Mom

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