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Operations Director By Day, Marathon Mutt By Night.

Becky's celebrating 26.2 years life by running 26.2 miles with the Chicago Marathon and she's fundraising for One Tail at a Time!

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Does Having a Kid Make You Love Your Dog Less?

Does having a kid make you love your dog less? The short answer: no.

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Does Breed Influence A Dog’s Personality?

The smartest dog breed is the border collie. A beagle will always find its way home. Golden retrievers are lovingly attached to their owners. There are many breed stereotypes, but are these stereotypes based on scientific study?

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Should Your Dog Be Allowed to Say No?

Should your dog be allowed to say no? In a word: yes.

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What’s a Walk For?

Is there any activity more closely associated with dog ownership, especially urban dog ownership, than walkies? If new dog owners go in knowing nothing else, they have already had it hammered into them that they must walk their dog religiously.

This might seem like a funny thing to question in a blog for a dog-walking company, but: why?

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What Happened at Dogtoberfest?!

Dogtoberfest may feel like a distant memory because we gathered to celebrate earlier this month but its greatness lingers on for us! This special client event was a success.

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Dogs Plus Beer Make Dogtoberfest Great

Dogtoberfest will happen at One Tail at a Time’s Adoption Center on October 7 at 7 p.m. We’ll serve a great meal from The Radler alongside tall steins of German beer. And the event is dog-friendly, so you can bring the pup!

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What I Learned in 2015 That Helped My Business

Rover-Time's founder, Julia Rohan, certainly experienced brilliant moments in 2015, but last year will be remembered as her most challenging year of business yet. Deciding to honor each difficult day for what was achieved by the end of it helped Julia to push Rover-Time forward, and she plans to take these lessons with her into their fifth year.

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Fostering For One Tail at a Time

Anna Friedman, Shelter Director for One Tail at a Time, enlightens Rover-Time readers with more on their fantastic Foster Program. Do you have what it takes? Probably.

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Adoption Story of the Week: Timber, The Surviver

With Thanksgiving behind us, we're still feeling particularly grateful for those special family members who have walked into our lives by chance or well, sometimes with just a gentle paw on the arm, a tilted head, and heart-melting stare.

Adopting a rescue animal takes a great deal of heart and at times, a great deal of patience, but the ultimate reward of giving a special dog a second chance at life is priceless. Join us as we close our celebration of our rescue rock stars and the families who love them.

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