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We are a team of vetted and experienced pet professionals focused on providing a high standard of care for your pets.

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We Care

  • We’ll give your dog personal attention for your peace of mind
  • We’ll provide professional feedback
  • Bottom line – we’ll love and spoil your dog every chance we get!

You're Safe

  • Epic Yelp reviews!
  • We’re really well trained, reliable, pet professionals!
  • Rover-Time carries Travelers Business Insurance coverage (for dog bites, veterinary care, property damage or loss).

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  • Round the clock convenient and secure support
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  • Smooth-running office with charm of a boutique


Julia Rohan, Owner & Pet Parent


If Julia Rohan could walk every dog she met, she would.

Rover-Time’s owner created this business in 2012 because she loves dogs. But she also loves working with pet parents. So while she manages the responsibility for the overall success of the entire company, her team of really well-trained pet professionals delivers Rover-Time’s services across Chicago.

Julia knows it takes a deep, personal touch to keep dogs and their pet owners happy because she was a dog mom first to one very deserving-of-love guy named Chauncey Billups Vanderhoff. It was this chance to nurture and better his life that steered her towards motherhood. Now she is a mom to another little one, her son Archie.

Julia welcomes you to contact her about anything pet related whether you need a resource, pet-advocate, or to be introduced to the right person. After all, dog walking isn’t just about taking care of the dogs, it’s about their pet parents, too! Please feel free to call, email or follow her. You can also reach out to her on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.

Rover-Time’s Pet Professionals


Aaron knows how important it is to make sure Rover-Time’s dogs feel loved and cared for. He prioritizes their comfort first by letting them set the pace so they have the time they need to feel stimulated and well exercised on their walks with us. Aaron joined our team in October, 2016 and is certified in pet First Aid and CPR. He works with our Avondale to Belmont Gardens customers.


Meet our Operations Director. Becky is Julia’s righthand woman because she’s got her nose in the daily details and helps execute each day with ease. She also oversees new hire onboarding which sets our walkers up for success. She loves animals, improv, and challenging herself in unbelievable ways (i.e. running marathons). Becky is certified in pet First Aid and CPR and has been with the company since June, 2014.


Bernie is sensitive to every dog’s needs and behaviors. She makes sure they feel safe and loved in the environment they are in. To keep everyone safe, she knows it’s good practice to be wary of her surroundings at all times, doing her job in a way that embodies everything that she has learned as a dog walker and caretaker. In her free time Bernie plays guitar and sings in an indie rock duo called Bernie & The Wolf, and helps co-run a recording studio. She works with our Bucktown and Humboldt Park customers and will be certified in pet First Aid and CPR soon.


Brandon can’t think of a better job than dog walking. To help our pet parents feel confident and happy with his care of their babies, he establishes a tight bond with the animals he personally cares for. His goal is to elevate worry and stress for our customers, human and four-legged! Brandon joined our team in October, 2016 and is pet First Aid and CPR certified. He manages our Logan Square route.


Dave is a sports writer and actor looking to achieve success in both of those fields some day. He believes a positive attitude makes a world of difference so he carries in a great sense of possibility to every home he serves. Dave works with our Budlong Woods customers and is certified in pet First Aid and CPR.


As a dog mom herself, Joanne understands how it feels to leave her pets for work or vacation. She relates to the comfort a reliable and well-trained pet professional brings to a pet parent because Joanne has been on the receiving end of hiring dog walkers for the last 8 years. She brings this experience to her work for Rover-Time and looks forward to creating special friendships with all the animals she has the opportunity to serve. Joanne is certified in pet First Aid and CPR and oversees our Irving Park route.


Meet our Team Manager. Katie supports staffing, training, communication, and growth as it relates to the dog walking team. Katie believes each dog needs something different from his or her walk and gives this good advice, “As long as you are paying attention and focusing on whatever it is that makes the dog have fun (safely) then you have a happy pooch.” Katie is certified in pet First Aid and CPR and has been with the company since July, 2015.


Kirby is a budding actor, looking to get involved with the theater community. Before her move to Chicago, she worked as a veterinary assistant, pet-sitter, and dog-walker for over four years in Asheville, North Carolina. Kirby says dogs and cats are good for the soul. She recognizes how important pets are to their humans and vice versa. So she works extra hard to bring joy and happiness with her to each client visit she makes for Rover-Time. Kirby manages customers living in Lincoln Square and is certified in pet First Aid and CPR.


Meet our Scheduling Coordinator. Lauren is responsible for planning, executing, and managing our customer’s requests for service. This includes overseeing the daily schedule, processing new and potential clients, and maintaining daily communication between our team of Dog Walkers, our customers, and management. Off the clock, Lauren spends most of her time writing and editing comics and children’s books. She’s also a co-host for her podcast, Austen Vs. Bronte. She’s on the Team Bronte side of the collaboration.


Michaela is a mother to three children and two dogs. She grew up in the North Center neighborhood and has lived in Chicago (on the same street!) her entire life. Michaela brings a sense of optimism, positivity, and ease to her work with our customer’s dogs. She loves managing the details to create a perfect visit each opportunity she has. Michaela works with our Horner Park and North Center customers and is certified in pet First Aid and CPR.


If Ross could be any dog breed he’d be a perfect Australian Cattle Dog. He’s sporty, but compact. He loves exercise, games, and frisbees. And he’s happiest when he feels useful. Ross is a natural caretaker. By September, 2018 Ross will be in medical school but until then he was inspired to work with animals part-time because of his sister. She trains service dogs for autistics and neurodivergent people. Ross works with our Ravenswood customers and will be certified in pet First Aid and CPR soon.


Shaun shares his joyful personality, his high levels of integrity and loyalty, and his years of animal handling experience with Rover-Time clients. He’s raised and cared for dogs, cats, snakes, birds, and even a hedgehog. He simply loves animals and makes it his goal to bring happiness into each life he touches. Shaun is certified in pet First Aid and CPR and has been with the team since February, 2014. He manages our clients living in Edgewater and Andersonville.


Vicky’s dog walking experience started when she was a child walking their Standard Poodle through the Irving Park neighborhood, where she grew up. Vicky describes herself as “maternal” and is an empty nester now that her children have grown and moved out of the house. Taking care of your dog lets her mommy qualities be used and appreciated. Vicky manages customers living in the Old Irving to Mayfair neighborhoods and will be certified in pet First Aid and CPR soon.


Susie brings 16 years of veterinary technician experience to her work with Rover-Time. She believes one of the most important aspects for making clients feel content is ensuring their pets are happy, through walks and positive interaction. In her (limited) free time, Susie’s an amazing mom that’s raising a lovely, little one in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. She is pet First Aid and CPR certified and manages many of our cat clients. Susie joined the team in August, 2016.


Zoë relocated back to Chicago from New York City. During her eight years living there she walked dogs and pet sat as much as possible to feed her love for all animals. When she’s not walking dogs for Rover-Time, Zoë is a classically trained actor, avid podcast listener, and book addict. Zoë is certified in pet First Aid and CPR. She manages our clients living in Albany Park and has been with the team since January, 2016.

Tail Wags & Happy Parents

Matt from Rover-Time cared for our (anxious) adult Standard Schnauzer twice in the past few months while we went out of town. Once for a longer over-night stay and once when we got into a travel pinch and he came to the rescue! Our Jackson is extremely nervous, but we came home and he was very calm. Matt even had to coordinate with a different family member because my husband and I were out of town and the transition from that family member to Matt was seamless. We were thousands of miles away and knew Jackson was in great hands. For the longer stay, Matt sent detailed daily reports both by text and we came home to a log about each of their walks and overnights. I have yet to find an over-night pet service in the city that can hold a candle to Julia and her team. I hope Matt can care for Jackson again in the future!

— Lauren S., Jackson's Mom

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